Economic Development support for Chamber and EDO Boards

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Mo Collins offers educational retreats, workshops and New Economy planning events for board members and community leaders affiliated with Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development Organizations.  All events are customized to meet the planning and educational needs of the sponsoring organization and address rapidly trending issues in economic development.  For dates, custom needs and sample agendas, please contact

2017 topics include:

The New Economy: What is Here, What is Coming, and What we Need To Do

This session is an introduction to New Economy economic development for Chamber executives, Economic Development professionals and their boards. The New Economy is transforming every industry on the planet and with it, our communities.  What are the key economic development issues most communities will face between now and 2030 and how do we prepare for these changes? 

Planning for Disruptive Tech and Innovation

A myriad of New Economy business models are emerging, pushing the boundaries of business growth and competition. Balancing the needs of existing business while promoting New Economy business models requires visionary leadership and a keen understanding of the New Economy.  This session provides a look at the politics, policy and organizational leadership needed to guide new disruptive business models like Uber and Airbnb, and to promote innovation across existing industry.

Realigning Incentives for Economic Development

Realigning economic development incentives to support New Economy job and business creation is critical but can be controversial.  We’ll offer data and emerging trends in incentives to support entrepreneurship ecosystems, innovation districts and manufacturing re-shoring throughout North America.

Who Gets to Work? Managing Workforce Shifts Between Now and 2030

We are in the midst of economic and demographic workforce shifts which will have a profound impact upon our labor pool between now and 2030.  Managing the loss of 20th century jobs and filling New Economy jobs will be a priority for most economic development organizations into the foreseeable future.  We will lay out the issues and offer some emerging solutions to support an outgoing workforce and attract New Economy workers.

Entrepreneurship Economic Development

Nearly all net new job creation in the United States is coming from companies less than five years old.  Who are these job and business creators and what do they need from us to succeed?  This session will outline the shift from a manufacturing economy to one driven by innovation and share both strategy and best practices in building entrepreneurial ecosystems.



Mo Collins

Mo Collins is a New Economy specialist with more than 20 years of public sector, non-profit and entrepreneurial experience. She has launched and scaled multiple tech-based economic development initiatives, earning both national and international awards and is a published academic and online author, writing on topics associated with technology innovation, networking and entrepreneurship. Look for her upcoming book WE: Women Entrepreneurs, for release in spring 2017.