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Mankato, MN March 2019

Mo challenges us, empowers us!

This was the best workshop/retreat I’ve ever been to…and I’ve been to a lot of them!

Maricopa, AZ January 2019

 It’s been FANTASTIC!

Mo is Amazing!  Very informative!

It was awesome! Great info for both experienced and new business owners

This was POWERFULLY informative for me.

Loved every bit of this! This helped me formulate so much that has been in my head – thank you, Mo!

This was an amazing use of my time! It was great to receive information and then work with like-minded entrepreneurs to share ideas and help each other build on our ideas.

Spring Hill, TN September 2018

Mo was phenomenal and extremely intelligent. She was so aware of women's challenges now & in the future.

Loved meeting other women who share a common belief!

I hesitated signing up for the seminar because I didn't know if it would be relevant for my business. I'm so glad I changed my mind. The seminar was so much more!

 Mo was very informative and I really enjoyed having an opportunity to put what we learned into action with a partner. Great connections.

 I wanted to see how much support a ‘women in business’ event would get. I was pleasantly surprised

Loved the whole day!  Especially clarifying why I am in business!

Anyone, with the right motivation and the support of the right people to locate resources can start a business. We need more women entrepreneurs! Especially tech and software people since that could be the make or break in our business.

Thank you for this!

Women think differently about business than men. (Was aware of this but I have not heard this in words and hearing it from other women’s perspectives made it hit home.)


Des Moines, IA March 2018

I love this! Large enough for diversity of thought but small enough to open up and make meaningful connections.

I feel like my eyes have been opened to a whole new way of approaching a problem. I am itching to know more and I can't wait to start building on my success in such a scaleable way. Thank you for the honor of participating in this program. I think it's going to be life-changing.

I am nervous but excited. The tech ideation process and discussions with the other participants were so helpful!

I love this so much and I think every woman in business needs to be exposed to it. I can't wait to see how else we can move forward on some of our ideas.

Thank you! My mind is going crazy with ideas. I can't wait to execute

The women using tech and tech industry case studies were amazing. The "Why" segment was also inspiring.

Mo - you are wonderful. A critical cheerleader focused on keeping us honest. Your presentation created a huge paradigm shift.


Nashville, TN  August 2018

Mo Collins is my favorite instructor. Her style is engaging and she always presents well-rounded material

Mo is fantastic!  Well organized!

Mo is excellent resource with national viewpoint

Thank you for bringing this new topic to us - always love another opportunity to hear Mo!

Love Mo! Probably the most informative and relevant course in the serve. Should expand and hold on other dates

Mo is an amazing speaker!

Cedar Falls, IA September 2018

Mo was moving and inspiring; great speaker!


Interesting to learn about women history and how we are moving forward

Very effective; very good presentation and good message, love her!

Mo is a dynamic speaker

She is informative and thought provoking


Mo was interesting and spot on

Wonderful-loved Mo-she did excellent

She was inspiring and good for self-reflection

So motivational; interesting information on where we are headed

Mo was excellent-very empowering