Speaking and Training Topics

Click on the links below to view or print one-page descriptions for each of Mo's most popular topics. These program descriptions provide a general understanding of the topic and what audiences will learn.

All sessions are customized in response to programmatic needs and can be adjusted for length.

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Economic Development for chamber and edo boards

Mo Collins offers educational retreats, workshops and New Economy planning events for board members affiliated with Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development Organizations.

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Economic development for councils and commissionerS

Mo Collins offers condensed but fast-paced and informative council work sessions, coupled with half day (3 hour) intensive workshops to address rapidly trending issues in economic development.

Key new economy issues

The New Economy requires 'change leadership',  multi-faceted workforce solutions, broader incentives and new support for startup / scaleup business. Join hundreds of regions learning how to embark upon New Economy economic development.


Disruptive Tech

Disruptive tech is emerging as an economic change agent. Communities need strategies to predict -and solutions to manage- their entry into our regional New Economy economics.                                                     


Women, entrepreneurship and tech

Women's entrepreneurship has turned the corner. Any woman-owned business can re-think success by taking advantage of technology.


Bridging Generations

As we enter the New Economy, leadership conflict between Boomers, Generation X'ers and Millennials has ramped up, suggesting a different leadership paradigm is called for. We'll offer some solutions.


Who gets to work?

Our workforce is out of balance. We must address the needs of our outgoing 'old economy' workers, while ramping efforts to grow and attract a larger, more diverse 'new economy' workforce.

every Company is a Tech Company

Once a new technology is in the marketplace, today's business owners need to be 'fast followers' to remain competitive in the New Economy. We'll show you how.