Entrepreneurship Economic Development

In the late 1990’s, the US economy made a fundamental shift from an economy driven by manufacturing to one driven by innovation.  Almost overnight, this change transformed the field of EntrepreneurialCommunities-Logocommunity and economic development.

Our largest companies have embraced technology to improve their efficiencies, and need far fewer employees to reach those goals. Since 2000, we’ve made more than 10M American manufacturing jobs obsolete.  Conversely, entrepreneurs and their young companies are now the source of all net new jobs, but they have also created churn- and have forced us to change our expectations for how, where and for how long we work.  As Mark Twain once said, “People are all for progress, its change they don’t like.” 

We can help.  The Entrepreneurial Communities Project will help your organization understand these changes- both those that have happened and that which is ahead.  We’ll help you develop strategies to foster entrepreneurship, encourage innovation and re-engage your workforce.  We get this. Our team is made up of professionals representing the economic development field, community leadership, higher education and entrepreneurship. Our ranks include twenty somethings and boomers alike; collectively, we bring the wisdom of the old economy with the creative intellect of the new.

Click on the Training tab to see our 2015 workshop and seminar offerings.  Call or email us to talk about your specific challenge. If we can’t help you, we will connect you to others who can.

Entrepreneurial Communities:  Bridging the gap between what was and what’s coming